As we learned from Part 1 of our Podcast with The Masters University Cross Country and Track Coach Zach Schroeder, it not tomorrow or a week from now that matters, but being able to give 100% of your effort and focus on what is happening today is the key to success. Zach learned this not from his experience as a runner or as a coach, but when he went to a basketball camp at a young age. It is a slogan that helps drive Zach’s life daily to this day.

This statement could not be more important in being successful not just in sport, but in life. As we have talked about extensively on this blog - it is vital that you focus on the moment in front of you, and giving everything that you have into that moment, then worrying about what happens days or months down the line. Here are some reasons why giving 100% of yourself just for today is so important:

Success is Built on Process

Every one of us has goals. It may be to be the best athlete on our team, or to be number one in our office in sales, or have the highest grade in the class. Whatever it may be, those goals cannot be achieved if you are just thinking about the outcome and ignoring what it takes to get there. What it takes to achieve your goals is a focus on the process of doing the little things right and being as prepared as possible for when tough times come along. By giving 100% of yourself today, you are not worried on the outcome – you are worried about how much better you are going to get that very day, even if the outcome is down the road. Success is built on the countless hours spent focusing on what needs to get done today. Start with being your best TODAY and the outcome will be what you want it to be.

No Moment is Bigger than the Next

I am a firm believer in the idea that there are no ‘big moments.’ That each moment is as important as the next one. If you are putting in the same amount of focus and effort into each rep at practice or task at work than you do on the day of the big game or presentation, then there should be no reason to panic – you have already been living in a space in which you focus and compete each day. We put too much pressure on our athletes now days that ‘the big game’ defines who they are. That the ‘big competition’ they need to draw on some super power in order to be at their best.  This is far from the truth if you are doing it right, and giving 100% today.

If you can get yourself, your team, or your office to start treating each part of their day is important, that it deserves 100% of their attention, then when the ‘big day’ comes, not only will the desired results come easier, but the effort will be repetitive to you and your team. You already treat everything with the utmost focus and attention to detail. So the ‘big game’ is just another moment for you to do the same.

 Start Your Journey to Becoming a High Achiever

Several weeks ago, we talked about what it takes to be a High Achiever. One of those things that makes High Achievers different from those who aren’t is their ability to be focused on the moment [to give 100% today]. Those who I would describe as low achievers are those who are so worried about the outcome that when they fail, they feel sorry for themselves, they think that they are never going to make it to their goal, and training falls apart. They are so wrapped up in the end goal that what is happening right in front of them does not matter. Also, they can’t focus in the moment. The current moment in training is something they see as ‘being in the way.’

I say all of this because I want you to ask of yourself if you do the same. What is it like for you when you train? Are you a high achiever who focuses in the moment or are you a low achiever who is just concerned with the outcome? No answer is the wrong answer. If you consider yourself a high achiever, great. If not – it’s time to start giving 100% today. Focus on the process and live in the moment.  

I hope that you will take some time from your day and listen to Zach’s podcast. His insight on working for today, having faith in yourself, and growing as a person is one that everyone should hear. We will be sharing Part II of our interview with him on Monday, along with more insights into what makes he and the people around him so successful.

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