3 Reasons The Process is more important than the Outcome

As you move along in your business or sport, you may think that the only thing that matters is the end result. It doesn’t matter how you get there, it doesn’t matter what happens from point A to point Z, what matters most is getting to the goal that you have set out.

I hate break it to you, but in order to succeed at anything, focusing on the process and HOW you are going to get to you desired outcome is more important than the goal itself. And here are three reasons why:

(1)    You can’t reach a destination without a road map

After an All-Conference season or an Employee of the Quarter performance, the next goal may set is to be the National Player of the Year or to get recruited to make the move from a small firm to a large one. But without concrete steps on how you are going to get there, achieving these goals may at times, feel impossible and make your job or sport more difficult by putting undo pressure on yourself. It’s very easy to say what your goals are – but the HOW is far more important. Once you set a goal, sit down and set process goals of how you are going to get from point A to point B, B to C, and so on.

(2)    Focus on the moment

The process is about putting maximum effort and performing to the best of your ability in each particular moment. Every moment you do something that is associated with your goal deserves your maximum attention and effort. Remember that every moment is a big moment, no moment is bigger than other. So rather than say, “I am doing everything that I can do get to my goal and it is not working,” you should focus on the steps that you need to achieve to get there first – this way the goal will come much faster and seem more attainable.

(3)    Sometimes you need to re-evaluate

When you are focused on the process, looking at a goal from a one-step-at-a-time perspective, it will give you the ability to constantly evaluate your goal and whether it is realistic or not. If you want to be that National Player of the Year that we spoke about, maybe the next goal is to be an All-American, rather than have such a far reaching goal of being the best in the Nation. Rather than be recruited by a big firm, it may be a more reasonable goal to be the best salesperson in your office for three straight quarters, rather than get recruited to go to a big firm. There is nothing wrong in re-evaluating goals, just always make sure that when you set one, that it is one which is achievable.

Focusing on the process rather than the outcome is something that takes discipline and focus. If you can start living your life one moment, play, or pitch at a time – then you will find that the journey may be more rewarding than the outcome itself.

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